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Anonymous asked: I wanna give Kenya a baby...a beautiful chocolate baby with black thick curly hair and pink lips...LOL!!! I look fly...tall dark skin dude with a nice fade and very athletic...I got a Tupac shaped nose and LL lips...LOL...I know me and Kenya would make some beautiful chocolate babies...I can tell mami is fertile!


Anonymous asked: I wanted to hit it from the back when I saw Kenya Moore in that damn bikini yesterday!!! Her beauty SCREAMS unbelievable, passionate, hot sex!!!


Anonymous asked: why don't kenya and lawrence just date certainly gets a raise when she's around cause i've seen it! kenya seems like the only woman to make lawrence get a

Umm idk

Anonymous asked: it makes no fucking sense for kenya to be that goddamn beautiful!!!!!! damn!!!!!!

😄so true…

Anonymous asked: kenya moore make me uuuuhhhhh huhhhhh yep yep...i get off looking at her seriously....☺


Anonymous asked: me likey kenya moore!!!!

Me too!!💃❤️🌀

Anonymous asked: I see Kenya Moore had the eyes for Kanye West, wow! ☺

Lol yea before Kim though

Anonymous asked: So Kenya Moore and Kandi are cool? Wow! They've been all over the place partying with Marlo Hampton and ish! I LOVE IT!

Kandi is cool with everyone.

Anonymous asked: Why won't Kenya follow her beloved fan @rvstvlife? Dude is thirsty as hell!!!!!!!!!!!! Tweets her EVERY DAMN DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Lol!!! she does already😂😂

Anonymous asked: Is it wrong to have a girl crush on Kenya Moore?

😂Lol no she’s a beauty.

Anonymous asked: She's so beautiful. If Kenya leaves RHOA will you still watch cuz I won't

No, because Kenya is the only reason I watch #RHOA

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